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Art Studio Space

March 18th 2014 in

The Art Studio Space is full in 2015/2016.  Please Check back for Updates.

15 Broad Street is a two Level Building and the “Basement” was once the main floor for a Vitrified Clay Pipe manufacturing facility — complete with coal room, steam furnace, and barn doors for loading product onto horse-drawn carriages. When the building became a hospital in the 1930s, this once Main Floor became the underbelly of the patient and office areas used for all the out-of-site, out-of-mind hospital necessities. In the 60s, it became a traditional basement for office space housed above, but it is now returning to its former, main floor glory, as we replace boarded up windows and doors with the glass and functional entrances they once held.

This transitional space is offered to artisans at a very low cost. Whether you need ventilation, running water, natural light, or complete darkness, we have space for you on 15 Broad Street’s original 1st floor. The floor is heated and dry with modern electric.

Please email Rocky: rockylewis@gmail.com if interested.


Email Rocky to arrange a visit. rockylewis@gmail.com

Here is a Floor Plan of Office Suites:

For availability, Please Call Critique Real Estate Management: 330-374-4463 or email them at dariusgrice411@gmail.com.


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